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Counters and Stats

A very important part of your website is knowing how many visitors and page views you have, how they get there, what keywords, search engines and links people use most often to find your site. There are many services on the internet that give you that information. The best free services I found so far appear below. I'm only listing the ones that don't require you to place a banner ad on your site since I wouldn't consider using them.

My personal favorite! This counter tracks the number of page views, page visits, durations, referrals, traffic prediction, browser, entry and exit pages, and more. Several different counter styles available. You also get an added bonus of being listed in their users page which gives you another link and a source of additional traffic.

The Counter
You get a lot of information such as the unique visitors, referrals, browsers, operating systems and countries your visitors are coming from, and more. They even have an option to make the counter invisible which I personally like.

Extreme Tracking
High quality with many stats and requires a small icon on your site. There is, however no counter so all your visitors will see is the icon unless they click on it and read your stats. It tracks visitors, referrals, browser, resolution, operating system, and what country they are coming from.

One of the many free services that this site offers are free counters. There are several different designs to choose from, although you don't get a lot of detailed information. They limit the number of counters you can get, but they do let you register as many accounts as you like to get more counters.

This has a very detailed stats very similar to Extreme Tracking except they limit the referral pages to the last 25 visitors. They also require a small icon on your site and don't have an option to show an actual "counter" to show visitors how many have visited your site.

A service from LinkExchange that requires a small icon at the bottom of your page that will tell you how many visitors you have received. You get weekly e-mail reports but doesn't have the stats the other services have.

They have one of the most comprehensive stats services on the internet. This service logs uniques, impressions, referrers, browsers, counties, ISP's used, time, operating systems, java support, resolutions and much more.

Traffic boosting tips

Search Engines
The first place you need to get your website listed is in some of the hundreds of search engines on the internet. Most everyone uses these, so get yourself listed. I'm still learning the in's and out's of this one but I found a page on Virtual Promote, which has some great advice on getting "search engine ready":

Link, link, link!
Exchange links with like sites and put your link on every site with a free-for-all links page. This also helps improve your position with search engines. 50% of the top ten search engines factor in the links-to-you when they rank your website. By increasing the number of links to your web site you can dramatically improve your search engine result positioning. You'll find the entrance on my links page, feel free to list yourself there. Webrings are also a good way to get your site linked.

Offer Free Stuff
Give something away, or put in links to free stuff. Spend a couple bucks on a raffle prize, and make sure you get their email so you can send them a sample newsletter. Everyone loves a freebie!