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A Guide for Polio Survivors Who Are Going to Have Surgery
A Practical Approach to the Late Effects of Polio
A Primer for Post-Polio
A Science Odyssey: On The Edge: Paralyzing Polio
A Three Point Strategy For PPS
Abnormal Movements in Sleep as a Post-Polio Sequelae
Ambien (Zolpidem Tartrate) and PPS
An Explanation for Polio Survivors About Post Polio Sequelae
Anti-Poliovirus Neutralizing Antibody
Anticholinesterase-Responsive Neuromuscular Junction Transmission Defects in PPS Fatigue 1993
Anticholinesterases in Post-Poliomyelitis Syndrome Fatigue
Antidepressant Medications and PPS
Article About Dr. Richard Bruno and Dr. Nancy Frick
Article About Dr. Jacquelin Perry, PPS Specialist
Assessments of Elbow Flexor Muscle Performance Using Twitch Interpolation in PPS Patients: No Evidence For Deterioration -1997
Ben and Polio
Benefit of Exercise in PPS
Bill's Post-Polio Syndrome Links
BiPAP and CPAP use in Acute Respiratory Failure
Bi-Level and Ventilator Pressure Devices
Bookstore Polio & PPS Page: Books about Polio & Post Polio
Bouncing Back Without Guilt - Post Polio
Breathing Problems with PPS/Atemprobleme Bei Post-Polio-Syndrom - German
Bruno/Frick Harvest Center's Post-Polio Library
Bulbar and Spinal Polio
Calcaneal Osteotomy & Tendon Sling for Management of Calcaneus Deformity in PPS
Care of the Neuropathic Limb -1997
Case Study Describing Role of Assistive Devices in Compensating for Fatigue, Pain, Loss of Strength, Mobility & Energy in PPS
Chronic Illnesses and Long Term Illnesses: Polio
Disabilities: Mining Co
Disorders of the Ankle and the Foot
Do I Have Post Polio Syndrome? MedHelp Forum
Doctor Henry: Retired Physician-Psychiatrist With PPS
Each Saving Breath,  by Richard Hill
Effect of Treatment and Noncompliance on Post-Polio Sequelae
Electrophysiology & Electrodiagnosis of the Post-Polio Motor Unit - 1991
EMG in the Differential PPS Diagnosis
Ernie Wollering's Internet PPS Resources
Estrogen For Women with PPS
Exercise For Post-Polio Patients - PROLACTIN AND POST-POLIO SYNDROME
FAQs about Post-Polio Syndrome
Fatigue in PPS
Fibromyalgia Is Common in a Postpoliomyelitis Clinic
Findings in Post-Poliomyelitis Syndrome: Perry - 1995
Findings in PPS: Weakness of Muscles of the Calf
Fit to Be Tied-Shoes for Polio Survivors
Gardening With the After Effects of Polio
Graphic of a Polio Virus Rotating in Space
Harvest Center's Post-Polio Sequelae
Hip and Knee Contractures
Informed Parents Against VAPP (IPAV)
I've Had Polio. What Now?
Introduction to Post Polio Syndrome
Is "Type A" Behavior CRIPTONITE? - Dr. Bruno
Kinematics and Dynamic Stability of the Locomotion of Post-Polio Patients
Late Affects of Polio:PPS NetWork NSW
Late Effects of Polio By Paul Booth
Links for Respiratory Post-Polios & Students With Disabilities
Management of Post-Polio Syndrome
Marihuana and Post-Polio Syndrome
Med-Sell: Post Polio Syndrome
MedHelp Post: Cranial Nerve Damage/Throat Paralysis
MossRehab ResourceNet - PPS Rehab Included
MRI and Post-Polio Fatigue
Mt. Diablo Post Polio Network, Bay Area, California
Muscle Function & Structure and Electrophysiology in a Dynamic Perspective in Late Polio
Muscle Recovery in Poliomyelitis
Natural Remedies' Polio Information
Natural Remedies' Post-Polio Syndrome Info
Nerve & Muscle Involvement in Neuromuscular Disease-Ongoing Study
Neuropsychology of Post-Polio Fatigue
NRH Post-Polio Program - Washington
NW [Oregon] Post-Polio News
On A Roll - Talk Radio on Life & Disability-POLIO
PAHO Polio Weekly Bulletin 1997 Issues
Pathophysiology & Diagnosis of Post-Polio Syndrome
Pathophysiology of a Central Cause of PPS Fatigue
Performance Using Twitch Interpolation in PPS Patients
Physiotherapy Management of The Late Effects Of Polio
Physiotherapy Treatment For PPS Information
Polio & Multiple Sclerosis
Polio & Post Polio Information Packet
Polio & Post Polio Resources
Polio and CFS/ME - Bruno
Polio and Economic Status
Polio and Post-Polio Resources
Polio Biology I - An Introduction to the Virus
Polio Echo - Arizona
Polio Encelphalitis
Polio Encephalitis and the Brain Fatigue Generator Model of Post-Viral Fatigue Syndromes
Polio Encephalitis, Stress & the Etiology of PPS
Polio Experience Network
Polio Feet: Parasympathetic Abnormalities as Post-Polio Sequelae
Polio Images: Polio Epidemic
Polio Information Center Online - PICO
Polio is a Picornavirus-What the Virus Does
Polio Patients' Problems in the Their Later Years - 1997
Polio Survivor Mark O'Brien's Web Page
Polio Survivors & Friends
Polio Survivors Abroad: The Canadian and British Experience
Polio Survivors as Patients:Emergency Care & Surgical Health Workers Guide
Polio Survivors Haunted by Late-Life Recurrences
Polio Survivors Not Out of the Woods - 1997 Article
Polio Survivors Research Center
Polio Survivors' Marketplace
Polio Survivors
Polio Type 1 and Polio Type 3 RNA Images
Polio Vaccines: Choices to be Made-Includes Info from CDC
Polio Virus in Transmission: Electron Microscope x3500 Enlargement
Polio, Acute
Polio, Sequale Following Previous Paralysis
Poliomyelitis & PPS - Facts
Poliomyelitis: Ankle and Foot Deformities
Poliomyelitis: New Problems From An Old Infection - 1998
Polio_vic: Polio Network Victoria Australia
Post Polio "Brain Fatigue"
Post Polio Motor Neuronopathy
Post Polio Sequelae: An Explanation for Health Professionals
Post Polio Survivors Information Packet
Post Polio Syndrome and Anesthesia
Post Polio Syndrome Bibliography
Post Polio Syndrome Diagnostic Criteria
Post Poliomyelitis Knowledge Base
Post Post-Polio Fatigue Neuroanatomy
Post-Polio Network of New South Wales Australia
Post-Polio Network of NSW Inc Newsletters
Post-Polio Research: The State of The Art-Bruno
Post-Polio Syndome Terminology
Post-Polio Syndrome & EMGs
Post-Polio Syndrome & Intimacy
Post-Polio Syndrome - 1992
Post-Polio Syndrome - Halstead '98 Sci.American Article
Post-Polio Syndrome - Scientific Literature, 1995-1998
Post-Polio Oregon
Post-Polio Syndrome's Elusive Etiology - 1999
Post-Polio Syndrome-'91 Medical Journal Article
Post-Polio Syndrome: a 5 Year Follow-up
Post-Polio Syndrome: A Case Study
Post-Polio Syndrome: A Literature Review & Case Report
Post-Polio Syndrome
Post-Polio-Med Email Discussion List Archives (Browse & Search)
Post-Poliomyelitis Fatigue Where Is The Lesion? -1997
Postpolio Syndrome Pathology Graphics
PPS & "Falling" Experience
PPS & MS and Exercise
PPS & Preventing Complications from Surgery
PPS - NIH Guide
PPS - One Day At A Time WWW Message Board
PPS - You're NOT Nuts After All
PPS and Conserving Energy
PPS and Exercise
PPS and Falling
PPS and Fatigue
PPS and L-Carnitine
PPS and Re-Rehabilitation
PPS and the Paradigms of the 50s
PPS and the Thyroid Gland
PPS and Theraputic Electrical Stimulation (TES)
PPS Definitions and Descriptions
PPS Diagnostic Criteria
PPS DOs and DON'Ts Guide
PPS Fainting and Fatigue: Causation or Coincidence?
PPS Fatigue & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Parallels
PPS Fatigue: Cause & Treatment
PPS Personality: The Contribution of Childhood Physical & Emotional Trauma
PPS Related to or Causing Chronic Pain, FMS?
PPS Symptoms and Effects
PPS: A Look At Feet
PPS: An Approach To The Patient With PPS
PPS: An Overuse Phenomenon
PPS: Answers For Friends and Family
PPS: Bouncing Back Without Guilt
PPS: Coping Styles Enhance Rehabilitation
PPS: Debilitating Fatigue
PPS: Effect of Type A Behavior, Self-Concept & Loneliness
PPS: Kinematics & Dynamic Stability of the Locomotion
PPS: Physiological and Psychological Overview
PPS: Polio Feet
PPS: Prevention Techniques
PPS: Recently Published Medical Articles
PPS: Symptoms, Causes, Treatments
PPS: The Late Effects of Polio
PPS: The Virtue of Self Denial
PPS: Tips for Physiotherapists
PPS: True Answers for Friends and Family
PPS: What you should know about your Medications/drugs
PPS:A Practical Approach to Exercise Protocols in the Rehabilitation Setting
Predictive Factors for Post-Poliomyelitis Syndrome - 1994
Prolactin and Post-Polio Syndrome
Prolonged Poliovirus Excretion in an Immunodeficient Person with Vaccine-Associated Paralytic Poliomyelitis
Protocol For The Investigation Of Acute Flaccid Paralysis & Suspected Paralytic Poliomyelitis -- 1997
Providing Excellent Care for Patients With PPS - Part 1
Providing Excellent Care for Patients With PPS - Part 2
Pulmonary Considerations in Post Polio Syndrome
Q&A about PPS
Recovered Memories of Childhood Polio
Rehabcentrum: Polioteamet - Polio Team [English & Swedish]
Resistance Exercise and Postpolio Syndrome
Richard Hill - Polio related links
Roanoke, Virginia Polio Connection
San Diego, California Polio Survivors Group
Saskatchewan Awareness of Post-Polio
Silicon, Sex and Polio Survivors -1995
Similarities Between PPS Fatigue and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Sister Kenny: Polio Pioneer
SLACK Occupational Therapy & Physical Therapy Internet Directory
SLACK Orthopedic Internet Directory
Sleep Complaints in PostPolio Syndrome, van Kralingen
Sleep: Nocturnal Generalized Random Myoclonus as a Post-Polio Sequelae
Specific Recommendations for Post-Polios: DOs and Don'Ts & General Therapies
Spinal tap for PPS? NO !!! 1997
Spinal Taps to Diangnose PPS
Stress and "Type A" Behavior as Precipitants of PPS
Test Your Knowledge of the Polio Virus
The Atlanta Post Polio Association Newsletters
The Chava Willig Levy Corner
The Distribution of the Permanent Paralysis in the Lower Limb in Poliomyelitis
The Experience of Chronic Illness and PPS
The Expert Electromyographer: Motor Neuronopathies
The Hassles of Living With PPS - Some Survival Strategies
The Original & The Late Effects Of Polio
The Polio Years:60 Years of Support, Research & Education -1998
The Psychology of Polio as Prelude to Post-Polio Sequelae
The Virtual Hospital: Infectious Diseases of the Central Nervous System: Poliomyelitis-1
The Virtual Hospital: Infectious Diseases of the Central Nervous System: Poliomyelitis-2
Thigh Muscle Area & Strength in Late Polio, Grimby
Tom Mead's Personal Postpolio Syndrome Page
Ultimate Burnout: Post-Polio Sequelae Basics-Dr. Bruno
Unusual Cases: Postpolio Syndrome -1998
UpCreek Post-Polio Pages
Urogenital Problems & PPS
USC Norris Medical Library Occupational Therapy Resources
Use of CPAP and BiPAP in Acute Respiratory Failure
Ventilators and Bi-Level Pressure Devices
Wheeless' Textbook of Orthopaedics-Poliomyelitis
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