The SpringTime Breeze


       You can feel when spring is nearing by the breeze in the air;
       It is much warmer than the breeze we used to share.

       New life sprouts like flower in full bloom;
       You can tell when spring is coming because you don't see gloom

       You see new life forming all around this creation;
       This beautiful life reminds me of a great inspiration.

       The trees grow leaves so birds can make nests;
       The poor Mama bird will never stop to rest.

       The grass turns green when the springtime breeze drifts in;
       All the cubs and bears will come out of their winter dens.

       The river flows with water so blue;
       Waiting for someone to swim in it, like you.

       In the spring, on the prairie, you can watch the horses run';
       Now you see with the springtime breeze comes a lot of fun!

                                              by Lori Waguespack, 1999